Tear Down, Weigh Out, & FAST Payment

Unloading at Our Warehouse

Recovery Program -Let Us Tear Down Your Equipment

The Pickup

The Recovery Process

The Authority In HVAC Recycling

We try very hard to listen to our customers and give them exactly the service they want.  Over the years we have heard many complaints, and below are a few examples of things you will NOT have to deal with if you let us handle your tear down and recycling needs.

  • Your technicians will remain where they are most beneficial to you- in the field, doing service and change outs, 
  • You will not have a mess of trash, oil, insulation, and screws on your property.
  • Your vehicles will not be tied up hauling scrap to the scrap yard.
  • Your employee's will not spend hours transporting scrap and waiting in lines at scrap yards.

The Pickup
Our customers can call, email, or even text us when they are ready for us to come and pick up a load from their facility.  We then dispatch a truck arriving within 24 hours. Our crew will load your scrap and you are given a receipt with a load number and description/count of material.

Receiving your load at our warehouse
Your load is tagged and placed in our warehouse.  Loads are processed, or disassembled in the order they arrive.

Tear Down/Disassembly
Our crew begins tearing down your equipment.  All refrigerant is recovered and all of your material is weighed.  This material includes every component; compressors, motors, coils, copper, steel, brass, etc, and you are paid a high market price for each commodity.  The only deduction is $14 per man hour for labor.  Our technicians are FAST and the labor charge is minimal, especially compared to most contractors' labor costs. 

Your check is cut and mailed as soon as your load has been fully disassembled and weighed out.  Included is a Ticket Receipt showing the details of all the weights.