If you have whole Condensers, Air Handlers, or loose material, we want it!

At Rapp Scrap, we concentrate our efforts on serving the Recycling needs of HVAC Contractors.  Whether you are a single man operation, or a corporation with tens or hundreds of technicians, you produce valuable scrap material and we want to make sure you get the most value for it.  Our primary focus is HVAC scrap, which allows us to offer the highest price possible for your scrap.  

We can offer free pick-ups of your loads on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.  You call, email, or text us and we are there!  We pickup from all size companies, some have forklifts for loading while at others our guys will hand load everything.  Whether you store your old equipment indoors, outdoors in a yard, in a parking lot, behind your building, we will take care of it, and we will be there when you need us.  Our timely service will ensure that during the busy season, your facility is not over-run by scrap units. Space is crucial when it's busy, we know that, and our pickup service will make sure you have the room to work when you need it.   We have trucks equipped with lift gates to make loading quicker and easier.  

Let us handle the transportation and the dirty work of Recycling your scrap material.  We are set up in a dis-assembling environment with specialized equipment and can process material faster and more efficient than anyone else.  

In addition to our pick up service, we always welcome anyone to bring us their material to sell or to process at our facility in Pinellas Park.  You won't deal with any long lines, like at other retail Recycling or Scrap Yards.  At Rapp Scrap we buy only from Contractors, and so you will get in and out quick.  If you get the material here, we will unload it, get you paid, and back on the road fast.

Residential Scrap Units and Material

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